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(UI) User Interface Design

Web Banners

  • Static
  • Facebook Generic Web page design – Home, About, Contact etc.

Mobile App Screen designs

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Splash/Menu/Settings/Login etc.

(we partner with selected web & app developers to offer coding as a part of this package)

Surface Pattern Design

“Pattern has the ability to decorate a surface with the use of repetition. It creates rhythm energy & movement.” – Rachel Taylor

Here at Tangld, this is something we dream of even during sleep. Looking at our surroundings and developing motifs from shape, colour and texture through hand drawings and digital manipulation gives us the opportunity to creating exciting  patterns and illustrations that can be used for a multitude of purposes. See some examples in our portfolio how flexible this can be.

We can offer the creation of:

  • Repeat patterns
  • Motif design (similar to a logo but can be used on anything)

Digital Media Design

In a fast paced visually stimulated society we need to develop appealing content. We love flexing our muscles here too and can provide the following;

  • Keynote presentations & themes/Animation
  • Pro-presenter programme layout and operation
  • iMovie editing and short video clips for social media promotion

What our users say

I went to Tangld because I had seen some of Alethea’s drawings and got a great sense of her creativity. I had very specific ideas in my mind about my logo. Alethea had the patience and the skills to bring those ideas to life. She was very professional with a real sense of confidence and experience in the way she communicates from invoicing to snagging.
Most impressive was that even tho she didn’t have to, she followed the process from idea to sending to print. I’m very chuffed with the end product. Highly recommended!
-Velettia Davis

Breakthrough Counselling Service

I have worked with Alethea for well over fifteen years. She has produced many types of leaflets, flyers, booklets brochures and bookmarks beautifully done for me. She is very creative with an eye for detail. She captures what you can’t always put into words; she is always spot on. Her drafts are usually within a day or two which is excellent for me. Alethea is a good communicator which reflects the top quality work which I have grown to respect. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She is number 1 for me.
-Pastor Maslin Holness
SEC Women’s Ministries Director

SEC Women’s Ministries

Tangld Ltd are always on time and on target. Their work has taken the church’s communication to a higher level of clarity.
–Pastor Bobby Bovell

Kennington Community Fellowship Kennington Community Fellowship