Meet the Designer

Having completed a foundation in art and design course at the Edna Manley School of Art in Jamaica, Alethea developed a real talent for life drawing, ceramics, sculpture and graphic design. She returned to London where she completed her BA in Design Studies at the London Guildhall University. As part of this course she undertook an apprenticeship with PRIDE Magazine as a junior designer, giving her a taster of magazine design and publishing which propelled her into her first creative industry job designing b-2-b magazines for a publication company in West London where she solidified invaluable experience in the processes of publishing and graphic design layout. As a result of the company relocating out of London, equipped with 3 years of experience Alethea decided to set up her own design studio working on freelance projects which focused mainly on designing marketing materials for youth programmes and third sector companies. Some of which included: Poster/Flyer design, Logos & corporate literature, Brochures and leaflets.

As time, experience and recognition developed her portfolio expanded to incorporate other creative genres such as front end web page layout, books, ebook and cd album layout for a number of self published authors.

Feeling nostalgic about her hands on creative exposure whilst living and studying in Jamaica. Alethea sought to expand her craft skills and over the years developed hobbies in crochet, knitting, sewing and rekindled her love for drawing. Towards the end of 2014 Alethea developed an interest in surface pattern design which quickly blossomed into a real passion and a desire to specialise in this sector. She has since completed an acclaimed course run by the talented British designer Rachel Taylor.

Being the warm spirited individual she’d become, with an optimistic outlook on life, her creative style reflects bright colours and positive conversational themes which sometimes spill over into her fashion sense and decor choices.

Alethea aims to enrich lives through her creative touch on the world.

Random Facts about Alethea

  • Fun spirited and positive outlook
  • Knitter • Crafter • Singer
  • Loves teaching and making life simple for what seems complicated
  • Lives with but not limited by a genetic blood disorder (sickle cell warrior)